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Amazing,,7 of the biggest holes in the earth....

Kimberlite pipe "Big Hole", South Africa.
The largest excavated from the "hands" - 1097 meters in depth
Moved to the surface more than 22 million tons of rock and produced 3 tons of diamonds.The development is finished in 1914.

Quarry Kennecott Bingham Canyon Mine, Utah.
The biggest acting career in the world - the development of copper began in 1863 and goes so far.
Approximately km in depth and 3.5 in width.

Quarry "Dyavik" (Diavik), Canada.Produce diamonds.
Quarry is located on the islands and has its own infrastructure to the airport, which can accommodate Boeing passenger.

Great Blue Hole, Belize.The width of 400 meters, the depth of 145 - 160 meters.
The point of attraction of professional divers from around the world.

The opening water in the reservoir dam at Monticello.
To discharge surplus water in the reservoir water.

Karst failure in Guatemala.Caused by groundwater and rain.
During the educational failure of several deaths and destroyed a dozen houses