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The daughter of a Japanese mafia boss ...

I wrote everything as it was, she said:« I need a lot of courage to decide and to do so.The family heads of Yakuza gangs are rampant peculiar about honor and duty.

She came into the world of violence even in junior high school, she often had to face with representatives of other gangs.

I was always surrounded by girls in the band .... На самом деле борьба была моей повседневной жизнью» - говорит Шоко In fact, the struggle has been my life »- said Shoko

Parents Shoko.

Shoko spoke lovingly of his father, who never spoke about his business.At that time, her family was very rich and the garage was beaten doroguschimi cars that were secret passion of her father.

But then come the bad times, and teenage Shoko have completely drink the bitterness of this life.She have to agree to proposed another family in exchange for sex money to help pay off family debts.This friend was a heavy drug addict and who planted it on the needle, and once so severely beaten that had to do plastic surgery.

Shoko Tendo with his daughter.
Yakuza have for centuries used extensive tattoos as a sign of belonging to any group, as well as to identify its position in the group.Furthermore, when joining the Yakuza peasants and artisans were new, militant-sounding names such as Tiger and Crane, Nine Dragons, roaring storm, etc., which are then applied in the form of paintings on the back or chest.This is often supplemented by artistic excesses and often designs covered the whole body until the head, hands and feet, as well as the genitals.

Tattooing women among the Yakuza