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In Los Angeles at the Staples Center arena July 7 ceremony of farewell to Michael Jackson, died June 25.
Translation of the ceremony live on television were all over the world.Farewell to 'King of pop music "is also shown in cinemas and on television screens installed in public squares in many major cities, including New York, Tokyo, London and Melbourne.
During the scene, except for stars of sport and show business, as well as friends of the family of Jackson, attended by more than 17 thousand fans of the singer.Free tickets for the mourning ceremony for Jackson fans were distributed by random sampling among the left on a special web site applications.Applications for tickets have left 1.6 million people, and an invitation to the ceremony on the two individuals were 8 thousand 750 people.
Be sure to watch the video at the end of fasting, how to say good-bye to Michael his 11-year-old daughter, Paris Michael Katherine.It is incredibly touching and refrain from following it is very difficult.