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Beautiful Paris ...

A good architecture makes Paris (in Madrid, no less), no museums (in New York no less rich), not Parisian (Dutch prettier), and even imagine, not Disneyland, and the aura of Paris, a very special atmosphere of this city - the atmosphere lightness, love, the atmosphere of the festival, which is always with you, I would add, if this is not said to me Hemminguey.City takes you to the very first minute as his.You do not feel a tourist or a guest.There are familiar.Here's the Eiffel tower - is exactly the what you have it, and seen many times.

Today you will have an excellent opportunity to enjoy the sights of thoughtful pictures of French capital.

1)Prestigious Avenue: Louis Vuitton boutique is located on the beautiful fields Elysee - one of the most beautiful and famous streets in the world. (Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)

2)The Grand Design: the Grand Palace was built specifically for the world exhibition in 1900.The building is famous for its glass dome roof, which has become one of the most recognizable sights of Paris.Above the seat of the three different architect, now is the world's largest piece of art from the iron and glass. (Marc Bertrand/Paris Tourist Office)

3)an impressive collection: d'Orse Museum - one of the most popular museums in Paris, located in the building of the former railway station - Gareev d'Orse.The museum exhibits an impressive collection of sculptures and works of the Impressionists - Monet, Degasa, Renoir and Cezanne. (David Lefranc/Paris Tourist Office)

4)paradise for lovers of shopping: Works by local artists, food and other goods sold in the passage Zhufrua on the Boulevard Montmartre.Originally built to protect pedestrians from mud and carriages, this passage (commercial gallery) is located between Grand Boulevard and the Louvre Museum. Amélie (Dupont/Paris Tourist Office)

5)The greatest address in Paris: Cemetery Per-Lashez (father Lashez) in the east end of town named after a Jesuit father Lasheza, the Confessor of King Louis XIV.Here are buried many famous people, including Musset, Chopin, Moliere, Oscar Wilde, Delacroix, Balzac, Jim Morrison. (Amélie Dupont/Paris Tourist Office)

6)Le Panthéon: Le Pantheon was originally was supposed to be the church of St. Geneviève, which prayed Louis XV, when ill.The building used for religious and civil purposes until 1885, and now it is well-known place of burial. (David Lefranc/Paris Tourist Office)

7)The French connection: The network of high-speed trains in France is at the railway station Gareev du Nord in Paris.The name comes from the idea that people will be able to travel to Belgium, the Netherlands, Northern Germany and the Scandinavian countries. (Cate Gillon/Getty Images)

8)expensive real estate: Vendôme Square is a rectangular square in the north of the Tuileries Gardens and east of the Church de la Madeleine.Bronze twisted column in the center of the square was built in 1810 by Napoleon in honor of the victory of the French army at Austerlitz.To leave the window area of expensive hotels, apartments and shops, including the main boutiques of Cartier, Chanel and Bulgari. (Benoit Tessier/Reuters)

9), Paris Blues: A piece of the famous French Roquefort blue cheese shop in Paris. (Philippe Wojazer/Reuters)

10)Break for a cup of coffee: People pass by a bakery in the area of Montmartre in Paris. (Michel Euler/AP)

11)In honor of the soldiers: the Triumphal Arch is at the heart of the area of Charles de Gaulle in the west end of the Champs Elysees.Arch honors soldiers who fought for Paris.On the inside of the arch and at its peak, you can find the names of generals and soldiers who fought for the country.Under the arch of the tomb of the Unknown Soldier of World War II. (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

12) sources of the story: Fountain Fontaine des Mers in one of the main public squares in the Place de la Concorde.This is the largest square in Paris (20 acres). (Henri Garat/Paris Tourist Office)

13) Palace of the Tuileries: The Palace of the Tuileries completing the western part of the Louvre and the gardens, which are adjacent to the park the Tuileries, the palace stretches from the Louvre to the Place de la Concorde, and bordered by the Seine. (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

14)Transparent Gardens: Garden of the Tuileries - the central garden of Paris.His fountains, sculptures, cafes, gardens, and a good attitude made him one of the most popular places among tourists and local residents. (Amélie Dupont/Paris Tourist Offi)

15)Moulin Rouge: Cabaret «Moulin Rouge» was built in 1889 in the Paris red-light district on the Paseo de Pigal cliche.Moulin Rouge is famous as the place where born cancan. (David Lefranc/Paris Tourist Office)

16)Defenders: The famous stone statues of the Cathedral of Notre-Damme. (Amélie Dupont/Paris Tourist Office)

17)Sacred Architecture: One of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture - the cathedral of Notre Damme - attracts 13 million visitors each year.The name Notre Damme is translated from the French «Our Virgin, Mother of God». (Stéphane Querbes/Paris Tourist Office)

18)Contemporary Art: View of the Center Pompidou in Paris.His «factory» 1977 style contrasts with the surrounding buildings, the oldest district of Paris, near the Cathedral of Notre-Damme.The museum consists of public libraries and the French national museum of modern art. (Loic Venance/AFP - Getty Images)

19)The heart of the Louvre: exquisite ceiling gallery Appolo in the Paris Louvre is reflected in the window in the foreground.Built in 1661, the gallery was completed only in 1851th.In general, the above sets of about 20 artists.Appolo Gallery contains exhibits of French art of the age more than two centuries and is home to such wonders as the French crown ornaments, including the famous diamonds Régent (140 carats) and Sancy (53 carats), as well as ruby Côte de Bretagne (105 carats). (Joel Robine/AFP - Getty Images)

20)Museum Masterpieces: The Louvre was originally a royal castle from 1793 is open to all, and now it is the greatest museum of fine arts in the world, containing 35 000 works of ancient and Western art, located on 60 000 square meters of exhibition space.More than 6 million visitors come to the Louvre every year. (Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)

21)cooling: Tourists mochat feet in the pool area Trocadero - in the realm of museums and gardens. (Gabriel Bouys/AFP - Getty Images)

22)Looking Glass: Elegant dome of stained glass inside the mall «Magasins du Printemps» main restaurant is located above the shopping center.Established in 1932, it consists of 3 185 individual pieces of colored glass. (David Lefranc/Paris Tourist Office)

23)from the river Seine: The Tourist River tramvaychik swim past the courthouse in Paris.Such tourism river walk - a great way to see Paris from the Seine. (Benoit Tessier/Reuters) (Benoit Tessier / Reuters)

24) By Heaven: The Catholic Church of Sacré-Coeur (Sacred Heart) at the highest point in Paris - Montmartre hill.From the top of the dome to open a different kind - 82.60 m above the Montmartre hill, the second highest point since the Eiffel Tower. (Benoit Tessier/Reuters).

25) Lightning mood: the Eiffel Tower and the House of Invalids (Hotel des Invalides) lit at dusk in Paris. (Mike Hewitt/Getty Images) (Mike Hewitt / Getty Images)