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Memorable veschi.Merlin Monroe

1. Hot little thing Not shown earlier picture of Marilyn Monroe in 1959 from the set of the film "Some Like It Hot" (the most famous of her roles) among the memorabilia offered for sale at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas on June 25, 2010 Auction Julien. Marilyn Umbrella protects from the sun on the beach between takes "Some Like It Hot" in which she played a singer from girl band during the period of prohibition.

2. Behind Marilyn The dress that Marilyn Monroe wore in some scenes of "Some Like It Hot" with a fairly straightforward cut on the back and chest. Monroe and Performer of the second plan, Joe E. Brown.

3. 'Wait for Sugar! " The high point of "Some Like It Hot": the heroine of Monroe, Sugar Kane. In 2000 the American Film Institute named the best American comedy film of all time.
4. Her fur coat The costume of Marilyn Monroe is resting between takes on set of "Some Like It Hot" is one of many previously unseen photographs, which go on sale in Las Vegas, June 25, 2010 at the Auction Julien.

5. Star entry Marilyn Monroe appears from a limousine on the classic 1959 "Some Like It Hot" during the shooting in Coronado, California. If you believe the actor playing the second plan, Tony Curtis, Monroe is usually late for two or three hours.

6. On the beach Some scenes from "Some Like It Hot" were filmed in a fictional Florida resort hotel named Seminoul Ritz, but they were actually filmed in Otel del Coronado Bay San Diego, California. Here is Marilyn Monroe on the beach.
7. To look like a sensible The dress that Marilyn Monroe wore in the final scenes of "Some Like It Hot", the most emphasized her charm. This picture - one of 11, which goes on sale in Las Vegas, June 25, 2010 at the Auction Julien.

8. Sitting on the bench In the fur and regalia era of jazz, Marilyn Monroe waiting between takes during the filming in California, "Some Like It Hot." This photo will be available in Las Vegas, June 25, 2010 at the Julien auction.

9. The essence of her heart The emphasis on the decorative heart in a very frank dress that Marilyn Monroe wore in the filming of Some Like It Hot ".

10. Cat's-paw Photography, on which California breeze, fluttering hair smiling Marilyn Monroe, drives away into the background personal problems, she was resilient during the filming of classic 1959 "Some Like It Hot."