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Women's Prison in Afghanistan

 According to the laws of Afghanistan, women in this country can be prosecuted for so-called "moral crimes". To those may include anything, including running away from home, refusing to marry, marriage without the formal consent of a parent or attempted infidelity to her husband. In the worst case of "treason" threatened with imprisonment for many years on a murder charge, usually a woman has no relation to the crime, and murder committed by another person. Paula Bronstein of Getty Images, got permission to shoot in one of the women's prisons in Afghanistan.20-year-old Farih washes clothes in the women's prison in the Afghan city of Mazar-i-Sharif. She is in jail for running away from home.In the prison yard after washing and laundry

 40-year-old inmate Maya Gul for three years imprisoned on charges of killing his stepson.
 Prisoner Sarah Gul, aged 26, changed diapers your baby in a women's prison in Mazar-i-Sharif. Sarah is in jail for six months after ran away from home to her husband.
 Prisoner hangs laundry in the prison yard.
 20-year-old Farih sweeps yard in a women's prison.
 4-year-old Sakina (left) and 5-year Hudzhesta play in the yard of the women's prison in Mazar-i-Sharif, where they live with their mothers.
 At the moment in this little prison are 38 women and 10 children.
 Ahsa Gul keeps his 11-month-old son, Said.
 23-year-old Hal Avaz (right), suffering from typhoid fever, is a drip in one of the women's prison cells.
 Female prison inmates in Mazar-i-Sharif: 25-year-old Sughra and 23-year-old Shugufa.
 Afghan women prisoners in the courtyard of the prison.
 19-year-old Jamila Shawa during the break. She went to jail, where sits for five months, on charges of immoral behavior after their parents fled the house with her boyfriend.
 Zuhra holding her five-month son Sahila. Zuhra accused of murdering her husband and, if not justify, the woman falls into the lattice of at least five years.

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