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Halloween is approaching, and it's time to think about your carved pumpkin Jack O'Lantern. American Ray Villafañe raised carved pumpkins at all to another level. Developing a model for DC and Marvel Comics, Ray carves complex and horrible faces of pumpkins. Its carved pumpkins look like gothic gargoyles, made in the spirit of the previous holiday. "The most complex model was Zipperhead (« head of a zipper), which left most of the day. On all other models I've spent several hours "- he says.
Ray lives in the rural town of Bellaire, Michigan.

His pumpkins have become a real Internet sensation and led to the appearance of primetime in the U.S. Internet.

This carved pumpkin called "Shattered" («Broken").
To create his masterpieces from the pumpkin, he uses tools for carving on clay. "Not all pumpkin is the same approach for the thread" - says the sculptor. - "The most important thing in a pumpkin - is its weight. Need to take a pumpkin heavier. Sometimes I pick a pumpkin or a beautiful original form, but while working understand that they are not heavy enough. The whole point is that the walls are thick enough so the pumpkin and carving is not very convenient. Also, I like pumpkins with certain features. Bumps on the pumpkin I used as one of their noses for my models. "One of the models pumpkins Ray Villafañe, titled "Gourdonimo" («proud")
"Sculpture has always been my passion" - he says. "I was a drawing teacher at the school in Michigan and one day I was approached by a man who asked me to do a few carved pumpkins. I thought, why not, it is also a kind piece of clay. Happened is very unusual, but most importantly, that more children in school that very much. Even before I appear at the school pupils were already seated and waiting for me in my classroom

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