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Amazing and Creatively Cool Beverage Coasters

 If you think coasters are just meant to keep the glass from tipping over and crashing on the floor you are pretty much right. But, if you believe that coasters happen to be flat and boring, then you are going wrong here. Coasters have no longer remained the same flat piece to hold your favorite vodka, but have become a style statement too. Here we bring some of the creative coasters changing their boring definition. 
iPhone coasters

 One of my favorites, iPhone coasters definitely deserves the place in the list. Taking clue from the iPhone design, this coaster is based on iPhone menu icons. Designed by Meninos design, these coasters are an ideal addition in your geeky apartment. The set of 16 coasters comes with all the apps you iPhone would otherwise contain. There are maps, calculator, and much more. Made from MDF plywood the set of coasters is priced for $60. 
Sentilla Smart drink coasters
 Just like the name, the coasters are smart enough to know when the glass is placed on them. The coasters gives visual feedback using lights embedded within telling whether the drink is placed on it removed. It will also let you know whether or not that drink is empty. Cool enough. 
Splat Stan coasters
 The set of four coasters looks like a person splat under your beverage cup and glass. The orange fellow is made from silicone rubber and is sure to grab the attention each time you pick up a glass of wine, or coffee. The coaster goes for a price of $15.35.  
Pixel punch coasters
 What an amazing design of coasters. It’s just like a playful game that contains custom pixel creations. The coaster lets you design your own custom pixel creations out of them by removing or adding the blocks to the square. Each coaster looks different from the other and is made from a resilient paper fiber. 
Nintendo Mario coasters
 If you love to play Mario, this set of 6 coasters is sure to allure you. The coasters are handmade from Perler beads and come in six different forms featuring a red mushroom, a green mushroom, a fire flower, an invincibility star, a gold coin, and a feather. The set of six is stored in a box with the question mark. 
Soft Sector Coasters
 Floppy disks have nearly faded away now, but for those who still are influenced by the storage device, here is a coasters set for them. The colorful set holds your glass and its pleasing looks make a style statement on your table. The coasters are priced for $40. 
Danger men cooking burger coaster
 The very first sight may look like a tempting burger, but, once you see them broken apart you will find out the real meaning of it. The coasters fit together to make a enticing looking burger you would love to munch. You can get the set of coasters for $15.99.  
Sandal drink coasters
 These fun drink coasters will add some whimsy to your barware. Shaped like sandal, the coasters a great addition in your bar collection and also a great gift for someone. Choose from the ten different styles of coasters and enjoy your cocktail on the toe! 
Custom Coaster Puzzles
 Its’ time to solve some puzzle with these coasters. The coasters are a complete puzzle that opens up to reveal four smaller coasters. You will love to solve the puzzle and grab a glass of wine as well.  
Lego Coasters
 Lego Coasters will add some fun and entertainment to any coffee break and make a great gift idea. Inspired from the Lego building blocks, these flexible 3-D textured coasters will revive back the memories of building blocks. The set of four holds the price tag of $4.98.  
Tic Tac Toe Coasters
 Have you loved to play the cross gane tic tac toe? If yes, this is something for you. The Tic Tac Toe Coasters is a set of five coaster that you can play with. The dual purpose coasters comes with the cross game and can also stick to smooth surfaces such as tiles, mirrors and fridges when not in use.
Super Mario mushroom coasters
After the Nintendo Mario coasters, here is yet another coaster inspired from the Mario game. These Super Mario Mushroom Coasters comes in set of eight for a price of $20. You would love to pop out the mushrooms with the each jump. They will make a great gift for your geeky friends as well.