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coffins and caskets for final send-off - Funny

With the world moving toward a sustainable future, the tread of green burials and cremation is catching on fast. Why not leave an eco-friendly legacy by letting the departed souls lie in green peace? To give the eco-conscious the green option of their choice, here is a list of 10 eco-friendly coffins and caskets to minimize the afterlife impact of your loved ones.

1. Willow Eco coffin
 The Willow Eco coffin is a modern environmentally sound handmade coffin that is crafted from willow tree wood. It flaunts simple white interior linings and is just perfect for not only burial but also cremation.
2. Eco coffins by Creative Coffins

Isn’t the feeling of contributing toward the environment even after we are gone fulfilling? These eco coffins by Creative Coffins will allow you to leave an eco-friendly legacy. They are made by using at least 60% recycled paper and wood pulp and they have no metal parts. These lightweight coffins with a wide variety of patterns and themes feature handles made from cotton and the glue used to hold it all together is starch based.
3. Genesis Biopod by Jack Hokanson

Undoubtedly one of the most original concepts for cremation, the Genesis Biopod by Jack Hokanson is designed to be submerged into the ocean with the remains of your loved ones. Just after minutes of being submerged, the dissolvable bag containing the remains is gone, and all that remains is a neat playground for fish and algae.
4. Cardboard Coffins

Coming from the house of Colourful Coffins, this new range of 100% recycled cardboard coffins gives you the opportunity to provide a greener funeral option for your loved ones, that too without compromising on quality, design or style. These cardboard coffins are made from Beeboard, a high-quality, high-strength material created from recycled waste paper.
5. Apple iPhone Caskets

This one here is just perfect for the gadget freak souls. The Apple iPhone Caskets is a green alternative to traditional wooden coffins without comprising on style. Designed by Creative coffins, this amazing coffin resembles an iPhone and is made from non-toxic materials.
6. Woolen coffins and caskets

The UK’s leading coffin manufacturer, JC Atkinson and Son, joins hands with Hainsworth, a Yorkshire-based specialty textile firm, to help the departed souls lie in green peace. They have come up with coffins and ash caskets for green cremations and burials. The coffin is made from 100% British wool, while its interior is lined with cotton and is edged in jute. The caskets keep the ashes within a strong cardboard container.
7. Bamboo Eco Coffin
 The aesthetically appealing Bamboo Eco Coffin is made from bamboo culms grown in China under license from the Chinese government. This beautiful coffin to allow your loved ones’ soul to rest in peace is crafted by hand. This eco-friendly features simple white interior linings, adding to its good looks.
8. Willow Highsted coffin
 Suitable for both burials and creation, the Willow Highsted coffin is a handmade coffin using eco-friendly materials. The wood from willow trees is used to make the complete structure, while the simple white interior linings adds to the aesthetics.
9. Return to Sender eco-coffins
 Don’t you wish to return the love and care that your loved ones and Mother Nature has showered on you? If yes, then the “Return to Sender eco-coffin” is just for you. This line of environmentally friendly coffins are fully biodegradable and use low-cost building materials.
10. Banana Leaf coffin
This one here is an eco-friendly coffin made from banana leaves. Dubbed the “Banana Lead Coffin,” this coffin designed for both burial and cremation features decorative calico lining and a calico pillow cover along with a nameplate.

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