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The Most World’s Craziest Car

 For most people, a car is a four-wheeled transportation device with a couple of seats, a steering wheel and some semblance of a body covering the engine, suspension and other oily bits. Certainly, there's room to be creative within these confines, but for a certain group ... well, let's just say they've been thinking outside the box.
In this gallery, we've put together a collection of 12 crazy cars that defy convention. Many were inspired by household objects, or things you'd see in your house including a leopard-print sofa capable of 150 km/h, a drivable guitar, and yes, even a motorized toilet. And yes, the majority of these vehicles are fully registered and street-legal. You'll marvel at some, and wonder what possessed anyone to build others, but they're all pretty cool, and undeniably crazy. 


 This nitrous-injected, V8-powered Queen Anne-style dining table is the crazy brainchild of Perry Watkins. In 2010, it set the record for the title of World's Fastest Furniture; over 500 metres, the table was clocked at over 180 km/h! The Stig-like figure at the table isn't actually the driver; the real driver sits just beneath the roasted turkey. 

The Hot Desk

 This is serial weird-car constructor Edd China taking work home with him in his office car, The Hot Desk. All of a car's normal features and controls have been integrated into the deskware; the ignition is in a briefcase, the mouse is the horn and the computer keyboard the steering wheel. It's no slowpoke either - with a top speed of 140 km/h, it's been officially certified by the Guinness Book of World Records for being the fastest office. 

Mobile golf hole

 We're still unsure why you would want a golf hole on the roof of your car, let alone one as worryingly unstable as this looks. Tony Anchor and David Greenwood clearly did, however, and they constructed this tricky par four complete with bunkers and potted plants.

Double living room

 The creator of this giant eight-seat living room-inspired limousine is Jay Ohrberg. We don't know why he built it, but are nevertheless glad he did. While Ohrberg might not be a household name, chances are you've seen some of his work - he was the man behind Super Dave Osborne's cars, as well as the world's longest limousine. 

The cottage car

 If you thought trailer-towing cars were a menace, try getting stuck behind a 17th-century thatched cottage. Underneath the bodywork is the running gear of a classic Mini.

The shoe car

 Made in China, the shoe car is an electrically powered one-off that can hot-foot it up to 30 km/h and travel 400 kilometres on a single charge. That's better than many modern electric vehicles that aren't based on fashionable brogues.

Sofa Car

 For those occasions when you're so late for work that there isn't even time to get off the sofa, inventor Edd China created the Sofa Car. That said, it'll get you there in a hurry - this sofa tops out at nearly 150 km/h! 

The camera car

 Another crazy creation from Jay Ohrberg. The driver peers out of the camera's viewfinder, which may not make for the greatest visibility while driving along.

The guitar car

 Jay Ohrberg gets all musical with this Cadillac-based giant guitar design creation.


 Under normal circumstances, the joys of speedboat ownership can only start once you've hitched the thing to your car and towed it down to the sea. Runaground takes the car out of the equation completely, and the sea for that matter. Underneath the custom boat bodywork is a Reliant Regal chassis and running gear.

Toilet Car

 An ingenious way to save time on a long car journey, the Toilet Car was built by Dave Hersch and his 10-year-old son Miles. Its 'twin-bowl' design includes space for two, plus streams of trailing toilet paper and a magazine rack.

The toaster car

Rumours that the owner of this toaster car lives in a house shaped like a big stick of butter proved to be unfounded but we'd really like to know where he bought that loaf of bread.