picturespost: Rock star's daughter is actress on the rise


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Rock star's daughter is actress on the rise

This year's Cannes Film Festival featured a new ingenue walking the red carpet: 19-year-old Eve Hewson. And while you might not recognize her face or her name, you do know her father -- U2 frontman Bono.
Born Memphis Eve Hewson, the young actress is the daughter of Bono and his wife Alison. Eve has one older sister and two younger brothers. Bono has kept his children mostly out of the spotlight, but now Eve is stepping out on her own.

Eve Hewson was at Cannes for the premiere of only her second film as an actress, "This Must Be the Place." It stars Sean Penn as Cheyenne, a reclusive, stuck-in-the-'80s rock star, who sets off to fulfill his late father's obsession with finding a Nazi prison guard. Hewson plays Mary, Cheyenne's teenage friend in his hometown of Dublin.

While Hewson might have had some special insight in playing a character who is close with a rocker, there was one aspect of the role she wasn't ready for. She told the Irish Independent that she told a "little white lie" in her audition: "Paolo asked me, 'Can you skateboard?' and I said, 'Yeah, sure, it's easy,' which is untrue!" After she got the role, she then had to be coached on how to ride in Central Park, which she said "was very embarrassing."