picturespost: Soccer player moves like Michael Jackson


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Soccer player moves like Michael Jackson

Back in December, strange reports from the Milan dressing room emerged about new addition Kevin-Prince Boateng, with his neck tattoos and fiery temper, doing exceptional Michael Jackson routines behind closed doors.
"Boateng has a very beautiful voice," Massimo Oddo said. "He also knows how to dance," Mario Yepes added. "Kevin's specialty is the moonwalk." At the time, it seemed no one outside the dressing room would ever get to see this hidden talent, but last month, Boateng promised to share it with the public if Milan won the Serie A title. Well, they did it and, after Milan's 4-1 win over Cagliari at the San Siro, so did he. With the stadium lights dimmed and a spotlight on a make-shift dance floor featuring the Scudetto itself in one corner, "Billie Jean" played over the sound system as a man in Michael Jackson outfit emerged with a fedora pulled down over his face. He knew the moves and, for a 6'1" 190 lbs. footballer, he pulled them off pretty well, with the moonwalk being the highlight. When he finished his routine, pulled off his hat and let out one of his primal screams to fully reveal his identity, his cheering teammates surrounded him as the crowd voiced their approval. With silverware being handed out across Europe these last few weeks, we've seen a lot of great celebrations, but nothing like this. Maybe next year he'll do an Elvis routine. Or a Miley Cyrus.