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Stars With Mental illnesses

Stars with mental illnesses
 Stars who’ve spoken out about mental illness

Stars with mental illnesses.People have hidden their mental illnesses due to the often negative stigma attached. In recognition of National Mental Health Month, we review some stars who have shared their internal mental struggles.

Catherine Zeta-Jones
 While seeking treatment in a mental health facility, Catherine Zeta-Jones'  diagnosis of bipolar disorder was leaked to the media, her famous husband says.
Sheryl Crow
 During a low point in her career  Sheryl Crow suffered a serious period of depression. She said she has struggled with the disease since childhood, but medication and therapy  have helped her overcome.
David Beckham
 Internationally famous footballer David Beckham has suffered from obsessive compulsive disorder. He revealed his compulsion in 2006 and admitted to rearranging hotel rooms to make “everything perfect.”
Mel Gibson
 In a 2008 documentary  actor Mel Gibson indicated that he has bipolar disorder and has said he suffers from another mental illness, too. He has recently made headlines with his ongoing feud with his ex-girlfriend.
Paula Deen
 Paula Deen is a famous figure in the kitchen, but she used to fear leaving her house. She credits her 20-year bout with agoraphobia for her culinary skills since cooking was an activity she could do at home.
Jim Carrey
 Funny man Jim Carrey doesn't seem like someone who suffers from depression, but the actor has long battled the disease. He advocates healthy eating and has spoken out against using these to cope.
Herschel Walker
 Former NFL star Herschel Walker revealed his struggle with dissociative identity disorder in his autobiography. The disease caused lapses in his memory, including a major milestone in his life.
Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio once played the role of  an infamous obsessive compulsive disorder sufferer. The “Aviator” star, whose obsession is focused on stepping on things on sidewalks, shared his struggle with the disorder after the movie came out.
J.K. Rowling 
 British author J.K. Rowling best known for the “Harry Potter” series spoke out against the stigma of depression and suicidal thoughts when she revealed her own struggle with the disorder when she was in her 20s.