picturespost: The best places to bag a bargain holiday


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The best places to bag a bargain holiday

Fancy a bargain-basement holiday? You asked for it!

Using hard stats and thousands of travellers’ reports, we reveal some of the cheapest popular destinations in the world,
 In this age of austerity, pinching the pennies has become an essential part of planning our next travel jaunt for most of us. With that in mind the Post Office has released a survey listing some of the cheapest popular holiday destinations. But with the help of the good people at Mercer and Expatistan, we've found a few that are even cheaper.
Both Mercer, a consultancy, and Expatistan, an expats' website, rank cities by the prices of dozens of everyday items - from a cup of coffee, pub meal, theatre tickets and new business shoes to the cost on the ground of cheese, milk, chicken breast and a Big Mac Meal. The result? A pretty reliable indicator of the impact each city will have on your travel wallet.
Here's our selection, backed by a wealth of travellers' reports, of the 12 best budget city destinations worthy of your hard-earned cash.

Bucharest, Romania

Mexico City, Mexico

New Delhi, India

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lviv, Ukraine

Windhoek, Namibia

Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Kharkiv, Ukraine

Managua, Nicaragua

And cheapest of all