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Kevin bacon scheme

Kevin Bacon admits that ‘Greed is a Curse’. As he did not understand that why people want a lot of money. The 52 years old actor Kevin Bacon and X-Men star has lost a big part of his and her 45 years old wife  Kyra Sedgwick savings to Bernard Madoff’s fraud investments before he was jailed for 150 years in 2009 for his fraudulent schemes.
X-Men star Kevin Bacon would like to play himself in a film about Bernard Madoff’s fraudulent investment scheme.
Robert De Niro is set to play Madoff in a movie adaptation of the Ponzi scheme but Bacon is keen on playing himself.
He said to UK newspaper The Sun: “How great would it be if I could play myself and make an appearance and get a chance to work with Bob again?”
Speaking about what happened to him and his wife, Bacon added: “When this happened to us and it was all gone overnight, we said: ‘We are in this together, we are healthy, our children are healthy and we can work.’ So don’t feel too sorry for the Bacons.”