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Most Amazing Gun 20 Century

The history begins in the tanks during the First World War and has since developed rapidly as the design and the tactics they use, views on who repeatedly changed. Since the end of World War I tanks gradually became widespread in virtually all countries. And sometimes these steel monsters are truly awful.
Concreted T-34
In fact, this point of the gun is only enhancing armor variant of the Soviet T-34 tank, which was one of the main armed with the Soviet Union during World War II, but it looks like never menacing.

This monstrous armored vehicle - an example of a successful combination of anti-aircraft missile system S-125 System and the base of T55 tank to create a powerful mobile SAM system.

American tank Chrysler TV-8
TV-8 - one of the most unusual projects in the global tank industry. Designed by Chrysler and brought the customer in the face TASOM in May 1955 as an option to replace the M48 tank. All units and components of the tank, including logistics, housed in a huge tower on a rocking lightweight crawler, there were jobs for all four crew members. Armament - 90 mm ​​gun in a tight T208 Recoilless installation and two 7,62 mm machine gun.
Was built only full-size model of the machine. The project was rejected due to the high technical risk and a lack of decisive advantages over classical tanks ...

Indian Tank LVTH6
LVTH6 belongs to a class landing craft, but armed with a 105mm howitzer fire. Accepted into service 210 vehicles. In 1957, many LVTH6 were modified in LVTH6A1, changes are mainly touched on the engine and exhaust system. LVTH6 has a very large crew, which amounted to 7 members: commander, gunner and loader - in a tower, a driver and crew commander - in the driving compartment and 2 feed the shells were located in the fighting compartment behind the tower.

Secret German armored motorcycle Type R

Gas-dynamic minesweeper "Warm-T
Designed to detect and sweeping mines laid on roads covered with asphalt. Consists of a chassis of the T-54 mounted with a turbojet engine VC-1. Weight of this monster of about 37 tons.

Gruson 5.3cm L/24 Fahrpanzer
Mobile artillery point Gruson
The scheme artelleriyskoy point Gruson
Mobile gun point from Germany. Serial production was started in 1890. The main task - placing on the border, in addition to ukrep.tochkam. Before the First World has sold several units in Greece. Mobility (ie supply to a point) due to horse traction, or on rails. The firing point is equipped with 53mm cannon shooting 1,75 kg shells, and has a weight of 3 tons.

Italian self-propelled gun of the First World
Italian self-propelled gun of the First World, equipped with 305mm caliber gun, firing 442kg projectiles to a distance of 17600m. Allegedly used during the shelling of Austrian fortifications in the Alps.

T10 Sherman M4A2 «Mine Eploder»
The tank was made ​​by "Fisher Company", its design basis of the M4A2. «Mine Eploder» T10, was tested in June 1944 in Aberdeen, the State of Maryland. This "roller War was originally made ​​for the removal of minefields, and belongs to the category of so-called medium tanks.

Tracked vehicle Besta, Model 1975
This unique military machine was built in 1917 by some American citizen by the name of Best. U.S. Army Command commented very positively about the tank weighs only 15 tons in the process of testing and this machine was adopted by the U.S. Army that same year. In the month was about 50 of these armored vehicles for the army.