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Funny Statues in Public Places

We have to say right away: we love these wicked additions to urban landscape - the weirder the better, less boring gray expanses and zombie-spawning parking lots! But we have to ask ourselves, what sort of oxygen these artists were inhaling, and what sort of psychedelic lunch they were eating before going on with something like this.
Should we start with the SuperLambBanana? Sure! -
                                            1. Liverpool, England 
                                           2. People, shot full of holes, appropriately across L.A. Police Department 
                                            3. A little overweight, Erevan, Armenia
                                           4. San Jose, Costa Rica

                                           5. "Unfinished City of Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Project # 8"
                                           6. The Lady Fish, San Francisco

                                           7 and 8. More wonderful urban sharks in San Jose, California
                                           11. City of Wilmington's tribute to the 1898 Wilmington Race Riot
                                          12. "The Angel of the North" in Gateshead, England

                                          13. Happy in Chattanooga, Tennessee
                                         14. Skull involved in non-traditional activity, Prague 

                                          15 .Monument to Franz Kafka, Prague 
                                         16. Heavenly angel, resting... Prague again
                                           17. Marionette Theater in Prague 
                                           18. Potsdam, Germany
                                           19. Chattanooga, Tennessey  
                                          20. Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia, Russia
                                   21. A guy and a horse melting into a blob - but rather, this is Baron M√ľnchhausen, pulling himself up;
                                  22. Watering problem solved, Wateringen, Holland
                                          23. Beheaded "things", and pots... in Moscow
                                          24. Resting from trouble, in Moscow
                                          25. More Russian characters
                                         26. A Street Sweeper, by Tzereteli
                                           27. Hungry customers share a biscuit

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