picturespost: Underwater photography has never been more exciting than this


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Underwater photography has never been more exciting than this

 Jason Heller is a commercial and wildlife photographer based in New York City.Jason can be best described as a conceptual commercial photographer specializing in underwater, travel & lifestyle photography, but the depth and breadth of his work both in and out of the studio has no bounds.

 Photographer Sarah Lee is one of those young women who’s creativity started peaking at an early age. Currently 18, she’s attending Chapman University in Orange, California as a freshman. In this set of photos, she creates an underwater world that’s spectacularly colorful.

 Keira Knightley recently shot this campaign for Fresh 2O for Water Aid.

 Alix Malka makes fashion come alive with floral dresses floating underwater. Malka captures model Marcelina Sowa in beautiful, swirling motion and dramatic poses for Japanese magazine, Numero Tokyo
 Compiling a list of underwater photographers just wouldn’t be right without mentioning Zena Holloway. Holloway creates a fantasy world a few of us have ever known, either above the sea or within it. Talk about an underwater fairy tale.

 A self-taught photographic artist, Barbara Cole dropped out of high school and discovered what it was she wanted to do. She says photography found her, identified her and ultimately saved her. Cole recently shot a beautiful underwater spread for Anthropologie.

There’s no doubt that Elena Kalis has one of the most amazing underwater photo sets you’ve probably ever seen. This Russian photographer creates scenes that are at once light and playful and then dark and mysterious. The best part? She asks her own kids to be a part of the process.