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Best and worst superhero disguises

Best and Worst Superhero Secret Identities
Superheroes need a secret identity to protect themselves from the very villains they've built a career antagonizing.
Spider-Man/Peter Parker
The mask and the skintight unitard almost perfectly conceal
Superman/Clark Kent
For an otherworldly hero who is humanity's superior in just

Batman/Bruce Wayne
With his bulletproof suit, cape, and voice scrambler, Bruce

Iron Man/Tony Stark
Stark has probably the best outfit out there. He looks like Boba

Daredevil/Matt Murdock
It's a good thing that Matt Murdock's identity has been

Steel/John Henry Irons
The thing about secret identities is that you should, in theory,

Ghost Rider/Johnny Blaze
Any getup that burns away your face and improbable toupee