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Most Unusual Items For Wine Lovers

Good wine - is one of the best in the world of spirits. But for fine wine and furnishings should be appropriate. Here's to create this situation in the world and produced a huge number of special devices just for wine lovers. Here are a dozen, in our opinion, the most interesting of them.
Elektroshtopor from Bosch
Bosch is known for its drills, electric drills and other useful things for the economy. But that's about elektroshtopor Bosch IXO Vino Cordless heard only one. And this is - no less important in the economy thing than the screwdriver.

Tablecloth for spilled wine
Usually the wine spilled on the tablecloth, very frustrating owner and some guests. But here Underfull Table Cloth exists precisely in order to shed her all sorts of drinks. After a glass of spilled wine, appeared to her, immediately turn into a painting of flying butterflies.

Tube with a combination lock
There are always people who should be protected from the open bottle of your favorite wine. It may be curious kids, an alcoholic sibling or even casual visitors. That to secure their strategic reserves, and require tube with a combination lock Date with Wine.

Corkscrew-mustache HANDLEBAR ... hard to say for whom is this subject. Apparently, the meme with profdeformatsiey.
Thermometer for wine bottles
Different varieties of wine actually made to file with different temperatures. Here's the useful special thermometer for wine bottles from the company Jacob Wagner.

Strap for glasses
Sometimes, it happens, you are very tired or drink too much, and simply refuse to hand hold a glass of wine and stay in the celebration by no means desirable. That in such cases is just to help special strap for a glass of Wine Glass Holder Necklace.
Markers for Wine
Not all wine lovers can drink in color, and by the way he plays in the glass, to determine its grade and exposure. And sometimes, at banquets, we are facing a huge table with glasses already poured into their wines. Here's to visitors such events are not lost during the selection of drinks, and created a special handle for glasses WINE LINES.
Disposable glasses of wine
A bottle of wine - this is not the best option for spontaneous picnic or just drinking alcohol in public places. After all these inconvenient traffic jams, the need to look for glasses or even (oh, horror!) Plastic cups - it's all so embarrassing! Single-Serving Wine Glass instantly solve all these problems. It's a one-time packaging of wine, size and kind of just a glass.

Wine Tree
Everyone has his own preference about houseplants. Here, for example, wine drinkers would probably have had to be to the liking of the tree from the designer Kendall LeCompte. Of course, this is not a plant. Wine Tree - a stand for wine bottles.

Decanters, goblets
Fans of humor and paradoxes certainly appreciate these unusual decanters. After all, they look like upside-down glasses, bottoms are, in fact, are glass tubes.