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The Strangest Relationships and Marriages in the World

This is a list of some of the most unusual marriages and relationships on the planet. Each person is unique in every way, not even twins who share the biggest part of the same genetic code are one person. Therefore, we must be aware of the fact that people choose their partners according to their own taste and diverse personalities. It is likely that you won’t agree with the choices the people from this list made because many of them are somewhat unethical or simply unorthodox. This article will show you how strange and maybe even stupid people can behave.
Married to a Snake
Bimbala Das from India fell in love with a snake, and then crowned her love with marriage. Back in 2006 nearly 2,000 people attended this strange ceremony. We don’t know if the snake accepted Bimbala’s hand in marriage but we do know that these kinds of marriages are considered to bring good fortune to the village.

Married to himself
Liu Ye of China obviously couldn’t find a match for himself so he decided that the person with whom he gets along perfectly is himself. Odd, isn’t it? He even made a cut out of himself. It seems that that was the bride, since the carton picture of him was dresses in a wedding dress. How confusing! 
Married to a Dolphin

Dolphins are beautiful and smart creatures, but marring one is completely outrageous. Sharon Tendler is the first person who married a dolphin. This British citizen married Cindy, a dolphin she met 15 years ago. At least it would have made more sense if the dolphin’s name was Kevin or something. They got married in Southern Israeli port of Eilat. How romantic!
Married to The Berlin Wall and the Eiffel Towel

To a certain extend marrying animals can seem reasonable since they can give you their love in return, but what about those people who fell in love with objects (buildings). They seem even more alone then those who decide to tie the knot with e.g. a dog. Or maybe this is only a publicity stunt, wanting to be mentioned in the media and remembered for something no matter how stupid.
The women in the first photo got married to the Eiffel Tower, her one true love. I don’t know how something like that could be considered a relationship/marriage, you have to have the other person’s/thing’s/animal’s approval or not? The other woman got married to the Berlin Wall. She fell in love with it after seeing it on television when she was a kid. She has been marred to it for over 30 years. I don’t intent to sound judgmental but how desperate do you really have to be?
The Man Who Married a Steam Locomotive
You’ve probably heard of men being in a long-term relationship with their cars, but with a steam locomotive… Joachim A. fell in love with a locomotive. Since he is a repair man he has to be cautious where he puts his hands, he doesn’t want to make his one true love jealous.
Married to his Dead Girlfriend

A 26-year-old Chinese man Zhuang Huagui married his girlfriend Hu Zhao, 21. What is unusual is that she was murdered 8 days before the ceremony by thieves. He really must have loved her when he decided to marry her even after she has passed away.