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Celebrity apprentice fired

"Celebrity Apprentice" contestants were fired and one quit in a three-hour, double-episode show Sunday night, leaving four celebs to battle it out in next week's finale.
After bringing LaToya Jackson back into the game - a first for the show - host Donald Trump shook things up even more this week by moving NeNe Leakes to the men's team and rocker Meat Loaf to the women's team.
That's when Leakes, who had been feuding with teammate Star Jones, quit, enraging the boss."I say, you're fired. And you're a quitter," he told her on camera. "Star Jones kicked your a-- whether you liked it or not."
The first task was to organize and sell tickets to a comedy show with the team that raised the most money - the men's Team Backbone - winning. LaToya Jackson, who raised the least amount of money for the women's Team ASAP, was sent home for a second time.
In the second task - creating a commercial to announce that OnStar navigation system is now available in stores, team ASAP again came out fighting - with one another - and again ended up losing. This time, Star Jones and Meat Loaf were fighting. Noting Star's penchant for angering teammates, Trump fired her.