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Miss usa theft charges

 Miss USA, who at one time had sued the sultan of Brunei on charges that he held her as a sex slave in his nation, was out of jail Wednesday after she was arrested on suspicion of stealing almost $90 worth of items from a Target store, police in Denton, Texas, said.
Shannon Marketic, 38, was released from the Denton City Jail on Tuesday after posting a $500 bond, according to Denton County Sheriff Department records.

Marketic, of Dallas, faces a charge of theft $50-$500, according to Denton County records.
The former Miss USA could not be reached Wednesday.
Marketic is charged with shoplifting a package of Olay Professional ProX skin treatment valued at $59.99 and two infant items. The items together were valued at $86.97, according to Denton police reports.
The incident was reported shortly after 7:30 p.m. Monday.
Marketic won the title of Miss USA in 1992, but she also filed a lawsuit in 1997 against the sultan of Brunei for $90 million. A federal judge threw out the lawsuit, ruling that the sultan was a foreign head of state, and was protected by sovereign immunity from lawsuits filed in the United States.